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The A to Z procedures to get your Survey-General approved plans

What is required and what are the procedures for the registration of a change to title depends on what type of ownership is being dealt with?


  1. The owner would normally provide the applicant with a copy of the Title Deed, bond-holders consent (if the property is bonded) and a letter of authorisation to apply on his/her/entity behalf. Thereafter the applicant (normally the land surveyor or town planner) would seek consent from the relevant authorities who would typically be the local authority (Town, City, District Council or Metro), Department of Agriculture (for agricultural land), Roads Agency, Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism and others. These procedures can take between 9 to 24 months.
  2. Once consents are in order, the Land Surveyor can survey the land and prepare Survey Records which may take 5 days for a simple subdivision to 30 days (*) for a township of 250 parcels (* this will vary dependent of the type and density of vegetation).
  3. The Survey Records are submitted to the Surveyor-General for examination and approval, this may take 6 weeks. Thereafter the approved diagram(s) and title deed can be registered at the Deeds Office if change of ownership is required.

Sectional Title

  1. Consents are generally not required but the Land Surveyor and Conveyancer must certify amongst other things that the land on which the scheme is to be registered is in accordance with the relevant Town Planning Scheme etc.
  2. Generally the survey of the building(s) and sections can commence immediately for an existing structure or once the building has reached roof height in a new building. Two sections are required as a minimum to open a scheme.
  3. Plans and certificates are submitted to the Surveyor-General for examination and approval, this may take 6 weeks.


No consents are required and generally this exercise is office based where two or more parcels are merged to form one new parcel with a new ‘erf’ or farm portion. Transfer of ownership of the consolidated parcel cannot take place until the components of the new parcel are all in the same name/entity. Examination at the Surveyor-General takes about 6 weeks


Similar to subdivisions


Similar to Leases but normally with less stringent consents.

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